Horoscope 2024

for all signs

The annual horoscope is generally based on the transits of Jupiter and Saturn and that of 2024 is no exception, let's say straight away that the key moment will be the move of Jupiter from Taurus to Gemini at the end of May, which will divide the 2024 horoscope in a before and after.

Saturn instead remains firmly established in the sign of Pisces throughout the year, from where it protects, together with Pisces, the other two water signs Cancer and Scorpio, and to a lesser extent also those born in Taurus and Capricorn, while it still tests the opposite sign of Virgo (which however will have the help of Jupiter at least in the first part of the year) and the other two mobile signs Gemini and Sagittarius. With a more marked influence, in one sense or another, for those born in the second decade of the respective signs.

Jupiter for its part favors the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn for the first five months of the year in which it stays in the same Taurus, during which time instead its back is to the opposite Scorpio and it stands three-quarters to the other two fixed signs Leo and Aquarius. At the end of May everything changes with the entry into the sign of Gemini, from which Jupiter sends its benevolence to the other air signs Aquarius and Libra while it denies it to the opposite Sagittarius for the rest of the year. 'year.

For details on the transits underlying all the horoscopes of 2024 you can consult The Astrological Planets in 2024 and for other information on the main astrological events of the our Astrological Guide to 2024, always accessible from the top menu, as well as the Annual ephemeris of 2024


zodiac symbol of Aries

A 2024 of recovery and construction for those born in Aries, not only on a professional level but also in the area of feelings and family. Those who thought they could push you into a corner will have to learn that it is precisely in difficult moments that you give the best of yourself and know how to become protagonists again. However, it will be necessary to keep our feet on the ground because we will have to face an unexpected change or overcome a wound to our pride.

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zodiac symbol of Taurus

The year opens with Jupiter in your sign and Mars, Mercury and Venus ready to enter Capricorn, from where they look with particular attention to the other Earth signs, including yours. An interesting combination that harmonizes professional and romantic affairs, making special encounters in the work environment possible, to be made the most of in the first two months of 2024. Then the rapid planets will leave your sign, even if you will still have Jupiter from yours at least until the end of May.

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zodiac symbol of Gemini

If you are looking for a partner, know that this year you will be more attractive than usual to the people who meet you, so don't stay at home: go out, look around and above all show yourself! However, you don't have to rush in your choice, especially if you feel any doubts, because love will come forcefully and when it happens you will know it right from the first moment. Many Gemini will see the routine they have lived in until now completely revolutionized.

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zodiac symbol of Cancer

2024 pushes you to explore new interests from the first months, the enthusiasm and energy guaranteed by Jupiter in good aspect, combined with the favor of Uranus, will help you sweep away any uncertainty. You will just have to watch out for some possible transport-related problems, such as public transport strikes or car breakdowns in April, during the retrograde transit of Mercury in Aries. The first months of summer, with Venus in your sign, will be full of emotions and beautiful experiences.

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zodiac symbol of Leo

The 2024 horoscope asks you for a little patience, the positive changes will only arrive from the month of June with the entry of Jupiter into the friendly sign of Gemini, from where the planet of wealth and optimism will send its benevolence towards all lion cubs but especially menaddressed to those born in August. After a slow start it will therefore be a year of satisfaction. You will just have to exercise calm and self-control at the beginning and try to maintain confidence in what you do even in the face of some setbacks.

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zodiac symbol of Virgo

In spring Jupiter protects new meetings, especially during travel or informal situations. If you are single, don't be afraid to stick your nose out even when it rains: take an umbrella, go out and look around, you might meet new interesting people. At work, don't worry too much if someone less capable than you tries to get in your way, make your skills count and you'll see others will be able to recognize and appreciate them, you just have to avoid polemical ideas and keep your proverbial critical spirit at bay.

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zodiac symbol of Libra

If the constant need to find a compromise in your life as a couple is starting to weigh too much on you, perhaps the time has come to address the issue openly. Don't be afraid to express your struggle and desire to find more support in important decisions. Your partner will have to realize how hard it is for you to handle certain situations and start to be more aware of what mutual support means in a relationship. Reestablishing the balance between your individual goals and the support of the other will lead you to a renewed understanding and will make you find new ways to face challenges together based on a greater respect for the needs of both of you and for the relationship itself.

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scorpio zodiac symbol

The beginning of 2024 does not completely relieve you of the financial challenges you have been facing since the last months of last year but this time you may discover new professional opportunities which, if made the most of, will contribute to improving your economic situation. Jupiter still turns its back on you until late spring: the first months of the year could require difficult choices and put some relationships to the test, it will be precisely the way in which couples are able to face challenges together that will measure the true strength of their bond.

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zodiac symbol of Sagittarius

The year begins with Venus in your sign and the month of January could mark a new beginning in your love life. April will also be helpful in the love sphere, but know that in 2024 you won't have to miss any opportunity: trains with a load of fruit don't pass twice and you often have to catch them quickly because they don't stop at your station. The entry of Jupiter into the opposite sign of Gemini, which thus joins the bad mood of an already frowning Saturn, suggests prudence in every sector from the month of June onwards.

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zodiac symbol of Capricorn

The protection of Saturn and Uranus, active throughout 2024, ensures you a year of growth in every sector of life, with particular regard to the professional sphere but also with positive implications on the emotional situation. Jupiter, the planet of optimism and success, will be on your side at least until May, so you will have to take advantage of these months to seize the opportunities that a truly interesting combination of planets will not fail to offer you, especially in January and February, months that will see a lot of traffic of planets in your sign.

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zodiac symbol of Aquarius

You will want to question a working reality that has been lacking in satisfaction for too long, especially economic ones, and which now seems blocked with poor career prospects. The effort of balancing the books would push you to explore new professional opportunities to improve your personal balance sheet but you also know that change always brings risks and you hear everyone telling you that it's not the best time for head shots. In fact, even the stars invite you to be cautious at least until the end of May, when Jupiter's entry into Gemini, an Air sign like yours, could open up interesting professional opportunities.

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zodiac symbol of Pisces

A spring of exciting encountersfor singles. Those who have now almost stopped believing in the possibility of a sentimental awakening may happily have to change their minds in the first weeks of May, on the occasion of a splendid aspect of Jupiter and Venus which could provide an encounter capable of turning the light back on her love life. In this case, hurry up to strengthen the affections that will arise because from June onwards Jupiter's gaze will be turned elsewhere and if she doesn't turn her back on you, she will still be three-quarters away.

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