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the Sun and the other Stars

The only site in the world where you can see the stars moving in the zodiac circle. An animated Astrological Sky that you rotate forward or backward yourself.

Try AstroSpin's animated astral charts too, an indispensable must for all true astrology enthusiasts.

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Discover the lucky days of your true horoscope while having fun making the planets revolve around your birth chart. It will also be an easy way to delve into the fundamentals of astrology and better understand the meaning of its terms.

AstroSpin's dynamic astral maps are to normal astral charts what cinema is to photography. No longer just the static image of the Astrological Sky at a certain moment: here the astral charts of the individual days follow one another like the frames of a film. Only on AstroSpin can you watch live as the planets move in the zodiacal circle, with the colored lines of the transits dancing among them as you scroll through the dates.

As we all know, the stars seen from Earth never stop spinning and therefore, given that technology allows it today, we believe it is better to see them in movement. Except obviously in the Birth Chart, which by definition is the snapshot of the Astrological Sky at the moment of birth.

To clarify the advantages and immediately get you into the spirit of AstroSpin, we offer you a game. A kind of challenge that can only be done with our animated ephemeris: the "Spin Ephemeris" that you find above or in the menu.

The game is this: you have to find the next retrograde phases of Mercury and find out in which zodiac signs they will take place and when.

If you don't know what a retrograde phase is, don't worry, go ahead and it will be clear to you straight away. In fact, you just have to enter the Spin Ephemeris page, hold down the right arrow to make the planets rotate in the future and follow the motion of Mercury with your gaze. At a certain point you will see its symbol (Astrological symbol of Mercury) slow down, stop and go back for a short distance, and then resume the same direction as before.

Well, that brief reversal of the direction of travel actually represents a retrograde phase.

In detail, you will notice that the next retrograde phase of Mercury begins on April 2, 2024, the date of the first stationary point, and ends on April 25, 2024, the date of the second stationary point in which normal direct motion resumes. In the three weeks from 2 to 25 April we will therefore have Mercury retrograde, with some possible repercussions in the areas governed by this Planet. In particular, there may be slowdowns and interruptions in transport due to breakdowns, strikes or misunderstandings of various kinds.

Going forward with the dates you will find the subsequent retrograde phases and you will be able to discover, for example, that Mercury normally have three retrograde phase a year, often in three zodiac signs of the same element, which will be the most affected by the event. In 2023 it was the Earth element with the signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Try to find out in which signs Mercury will have its three retrograde phases in 2024.

In the same way you can easily find the retrograde motions of Venus and the other planets, including the slow ones because if you hold down the arrow you will see the days pass faster and faster so you can reach any date even very far away in a reasonable time. Bear in mind that all the Planets have retrograde phases with the sole exception of the two luminaries Sun and Moon, wich are the only ones who always go straight ahead without ever looking back.

As you can see, AstroSpin offers you a new and simple way to visually grasp the rhythms of the planets and their motions through the zodiac signs, from the speed of the Moon which makes a complete tour of the twelve signs in less than a month, to the slowness of Pluto which takes many years to cross a single sign.

By the way, Pluto stayed in Capricorn from 2008 to 2023 but on January 21, 2024 it definitively moves to Aquarius, where it will stay for almost twenty years until 2043, apart from a brief retrograde return to Capricorn in the last months of 2024. You can easily grasp all the information of this type also for the other planets by turning them into the future with the right arrow of our Spin Ephemeris or Spin Transits.

In fact, here you can also consult your personal transits on the points of your Christmas Chart with the same spin mode, and the smiley faces will reveal to you in advance the days of your lucky horoscopes in Love, Work or Money.

With its unique animated astral charts on the web, AstroSpin is the site where astrology enthusiasts can stay informed about what is happening (and will happen) in the Zodiac in a simple and fun way. Without prejudice to the rigorous accuracy of all the astrological data you will find here, starting from the ephemeris. The most demanding will also be able to adjust the tolerance orbits of the aspects and transits with the appropriate console.

We leave you to your own consultations but know right now that there is other big news coming soon. There will soon be the possibility to register on the site and access a members area, where interpretations and much other information will also be available with everything a true astrology enthusiast would like to know about what the stars have in store for them.

Be ready, stay tuned.