Ephemeris Spin 300 years

Planets and astrological aspects
from 1850 to 2150

In the circle you can see the Planets in the different zodiac signs, exactly where they are today. The colored lines represent astrological aspects.

You can change the date by clicking on one of the arrows: if you keep it pressed you will see the planets animate and rotate in the zodiac circle while the coordinates and aspects update in real time until you release it.

Reduce the zodiac circle Hide the zodiac circle
of the day
of the day
Here on the side you will find the two tables with the coordinates and astrological aspects of the selected day. To keep an eye on them while scrolling through the dates with the arrows, you can reduce or hide the zodiac circle by clicking on the icons at the top right of the box.
The three buttons under the zodiac circle allow you to hide or display the colored lines of the aspects , change the orbital tolerances through the Orbit Console and choose whether to display the planets as traditional symbols or as images (the moon phases are only visible in the Images mode).

The green line joins two planets in Conjunction, the generally favorable aspects are represented by warm colours, orange for the Trine and yellow for the Sextile, while the lines of the usually more contrasting aspects are blue for the Quadrature and purple for the Opposition. By opening the "Orbits Console" you can adjust the tolerance orbits of all aspects with immediate effect on the display.

The tables under the Zodiac Circle list the aspects of the day and the exact coordinates of the planets at 00: 00.

If the date is very remote you can also enter it directly by hand, however by holding down an arrow the speed progressively increases so you can get to any date quickly.