Your Birth Chart

Birth Chart is the photograph of the Zodiac at the moment of our birth: a unique and fixed snapshot for each of us. So the astral maps on this page will be traditional, similar to those you can find elsewhere online, including a printable chart below.

There are, however, a couple of special functions dedicated to the most passionate that you will hardly find on other astrology sites. The first is the Orbit Console with which you can change the tolerance orbits. That is, you can establish within how many degrees of the exact angle two planets in your Birth Chart should be considered in aspect or not. Try clicking the appropriate button and raising or lowering the levers of the orbits (there are the major aspects of conjunction, sextile, quadrature, trine and opposition), you will immediately see the colored lines of the aspect multiply or reduce in the zodiac circle based on the selected tolerance.

The second function that may interest the more experienced is the selection of the domification method with immediate effect. The subdivision into the Houses of your Birth Chart is initially calculated with the Placido method but in the Domification table you can choose another method (among Equal Houses, Regiomontano, Porfirio, Montano and Koch) and immediately see how the subdivision into the Houses changes based on the chosen method, you will thus be able to notice that in some cases there are quite significant differences (especially for places of birth at high latitudes).

The pure and simple Christmas Theme cannot therefore be represented by an animated map but if you are missing a bit of movement you can always go to our Spin Transits page.

There you will find your Birth Chart again, this time surrounded by a larger outer circle where you can rotate the planets to see your transits as colored lines that appear and disappear as the dates pass. At the same time, you can also discover your lucky days thanks to the Love, Work and Money smileys, but go there and try it sooner rather than read an explanation.