Spin transits

Discover your lucky days

If you have tried our Animated Ephemeris you already know how to use Spin Transits: you just have to enter your birth data and rotate the planets with the arrows.

Here, however, you will see them revolving in an external circle around your Birth Chart and the colored lines that in the ephemeris united two planets of the day in an astrological aspect to each other, in this other animated card join a planet of the day in transit on the your birth chart with your transited radical planet. It seems complicated to say but when you see them spinning it becomes obvious in an instant.

In the tables under the zodiac circle you will find your radical planets and transits of the day. When you scroll through the dates, the transits of the day are continuously updated and, based on their nature, the smileys of your lucky days in Love, Money or Luck also come alive.

Here too you can adjust the tolerance orbits, obviously transits, with the appropriate orbit console. Furthermore, if you prefer to read the transit table under the dates as you scroll through them, you can also hide or reduce the zodiac circle with the typical icons located at the top right.