Sun conjunct Moon

The conjunction aspect
between the Sun and the Moon
in the Natal Chart

astrological symbol of the Sun simbolo dell'aspetto di congiunzioneastrological symbol of the moon

People with this aspect have intense vital energy, a rich inner and creative life, and special attention to the right balance between mind, body and emotions, between conscious and unconscious, between reason and heart.

The Sun conjunct the Moon doubles the dose, so to speak, of the qualities of the sun sign, especially if the Moon is also in the same sign, which therefore becomes more important than usual. This makes decisions easier, Sun and Moon people know perfectly well what they want from life and what the means are to achieve it, they don't have to stop and examine too many choice options. They have a strong personal identity, they are determined and focused, sometimes so quick in their decisions that they appear egocentric to those who do not know them well. Your willingness to make decisions is based on your deep connection with the energies of the two luminaries, which in the conjunction aspect between the Sun and the Moon strengthen and amplify each other.

In reality, they are sensitive creatures, very intuitive, always in touch with the moment, they know how to read people and situations with promptness and precision. They live and breathe the Sun and the Moon at the same time, so the desire to find a partner is powerful. They have a great need for love and intimacy, they are looking for a partner who completes them and makes them feel loved and supported. They can be quite possessive and jealous because they need to feel secure in the relationship.

The need to find a partner in the lives of those with this aspect is accentuated by the synergy between the Sun and the Moon. This impulse towards encountering others accentuates the importance of relationships in their existence. However, it is important to note that emotionality can manifest itself impulsively, since the actions of these people represent a direct expression of their deepest emotional desires. In reality, behind the facade of quick and decisive decisions, lies an emotional and intuitive nature that characterizes their way of approaching life.