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Ephemeris January 2024

Planets in Retrograde Motion

Uranus begins the year in retrograde motion, which it maintains until the 27th, when it resumes its normal direct motion.

Mercury also begins retrograde in 2024 but maintains reverse motion only for the first two days of the year. In fact, it immediately concludes its retrograde phase and returns to direct motion from January 3rd.

The other planets move in direct motion from the beginning to the end of the month of January.

Stable planets in the same zodiac sign throughout the month

Neptune in Pisces slowly advances in the 25th degree of the sign

Uranus in Taurus travels backwards, also very slowly, through the 19th degree of the sign

Saturn in Pisces moves forward in the first decade from the 3rd to the 6th

Jupiter in Taurus advances from the 5th to the 7th degree of the sign

Planets that change zodiac signs during the month

Pluto in Capricorn until January 20, 2024, when it leaves the sign where it has stayed for over 15 years to make its entry into Aquarius, where it will remain for the same long

Mars in Sagittarius in the first four days of the year, then in Capricorn from January 4th to the end of the month

Venus in Sagittarius until January 23, then in Capricorn for the rest of the month

Mercury in Sagittarius in the first half of the month until the 14th, then in Capricorn from 15 to 31 January

Astrological Ephemeris January 2024

Astrological Ephemeris January 2024