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Ephemeris November 2024

Planets in Retrograde Motion

Saturn retrograde until November 15th, when it reaches its second station point (in the 12th of Pisces) and reverses the direction of travel again to resume normal direct motion.

Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune retrograde for the entire month of November 2024.

Mercury retrograde from November 26th to begin its third rest ring of 2024.

Stable planets in the same zodiac sign throughout the month

Neptune in Pisces always remains in the 27th degree in retrograde motion.

Uranus in Taurus retreats from the 25th to the 24th degree.

Saturn in Pisces oscillates around its station point in the 12th.

Jupiter in Gemini moves backwards from the 20th to the 16th degree of the sign.

Planets that change zodiac signs during the month

Pluto in Capricorn until November 19, 2024, when it moves again to Aquarius but this time definitively for almost twenty years until 2043.

Mars in Cancer in the first four days of November and in Leo from 5 to 30 November, progressively slowing down while waiting to stop completely at the stopping point that will mark the 'beginning of its next retrograde phase.

Venus in Sagittarius until the 11th and then in Capricorn from November 12th to 30th.

Mercury in Scorpio for the first 2 days of November and then in Sagittarius where it transits in a resting ring for the rest of the month and also for the whole of December until the end of 2024.

Astrological Ephemeris November 2024

Astrological Ephemeris November 2024