The planets in 2024

All transits with retrograde phases

Pluto astrological symbol Pluto

Pluto oscillates throughout the year between the last degrees of Capricorn and the first degrees of Aquarius, where it definitively enters only on November 19, 2024 to stay during the next twenty 'years until 2043.

Transit of Pluto in the zodiac signs in 2024:
- in Capricorn from 1 to 20 January
- in the Aquarium from January 20th to September 1st
- in Capricorn from 1 September to 19 November
- in the Aquarium from November 19th onwards

In retrograde motion from 2 May to 12 October 2024

Astrological symbol of NeptuneNeptune

Neptune stays in the last degrees of Pisces for the entire year 2024

In retrograde motion from July 2nd for the rest of 2024

Astrological symbol of UranusUranus

Uranus transits in the third decade of Taurus throughout 2024

Retrograde phases:
- retrograde from January 1st to 27th
(prograde from 27 January to 2 September)
- retrograde from September 2nd until the end of 2024 and beyond

Astrological symbol of SaturnSaturn

Saturn stays in Pisces throughout the year, in the first and second decades of the sign.

In retrograde motion from July 1st to November 15th.

Astrological symbol of JupiterJupiter

Jupiter transits through the signs of Taurus and Gemini

Transits of Jupiter in the zodiac signs in 2024:
- in Taurus from January 1st to May 25th
- in Gemini from May 25 until the end of 2024 and beyond

In retrograde motion from 9 October 2024 to 4 February 2025

Astrological symbol of UranusMars

During 2024 Mars passes through nine zodiac signs from Sagittarius to Leo

Transits of Mars in the zodiac signs in 2024:
- in Sagittarius from 1st to 4th January
- in Capricorn from January 4th to February 13th
- in the Aquarium from February 13th to March 22nd
- in Pisces from March 22nd to April 30th
- in Aries from April 30th to June 9th
- in Taurus from June 9th to July 20th
- in Gemini from July 20th to September 5th
- in Cancer from September 5th to November 5th
- in Leo from November 5th to December 31st

In retrograde motion from December 7, 2024 to the end of February 2025

Astrological symbol of VenusVenus

Venus completes the usual complete tour of the zodiac starting from Sagittarius, always in direct motion, and in the absence of retrograde motions and stopping rings it has time to retrace the same Sagittarius a second time, Capricorn and Aquarius first let the year end.

Astrological symbol of MercuryMercury

Mercury begins the year in Sagittarius and ends it in the same sign after crossing all the other zodiac signs.

During 2024 it makes three rings of rest in the signs of Fire.

Retrograde phases:
- from 2 to 25 April in Aries
- from 5 to 29 August in Leo (and Virgo)
- from November 26th to December 16th in Sagittarius