Astrological guide to 2024

Accumulations of planets

Just take a look at the New Year's astral chart to immediately realize what the astrological theme of 2024 will be.

1st January 2024
New Year 2024 astral chart

As can be seen in the zodiac circle on the side, all the planets are in fact enclosed in the semicircle that goes from Sagittarius to Taurus while the semicircle opposite from Gemini to Scorpio appears deserted with the sole exception of the Moon, which however makes the complete circle of the zodiac every month and reaches the other planets in the overcrowded area already in the first week of the year.

The beginning of the year 2024 therefore promises a notable accumulation of planets in the same zodiac sign with probable stelliums over the course of the year. It's exactly what will happen, as we will see, especially in the first six months up to June

The cause of this situation is first of all the close position of the three outermost planets, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, which despite staying in different signs they are included in a limited sector that goes from Aquarius to Taurus and represents only a third of the zodiac.

Pluto in fact opens the year in Capricorn but soon moves to Aquarius where he will remain for the next twenty years old, Neptune stays perfectly at ease in the first degrees of Pisces, a congenial sign that will host him throughout 2024 and also in 2025, as well as Uranus in the sign of Taurus (for the details of the transits and retrograde motions of all planets see The astrological planets in 2024)

With the three slow planets nailed down such a narrow sector of the zodiac, it is inevitable that planetary accumulations and stelliums may occur with the passage of the Sun, accompanied as always by Mercury and Venus. Since these are the signs of winter and spring from Aquarius to Taurus, the most critical months for the possibility of accumulations will obviously be the first of the year until May.

In addition, traffic is also increased by the transits of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, which in this period are transiting the same signs as the slow planets: Jupiter keeps Uranus company in the sign of Taurus until May, Saturn shares the sign of Pisces with Neptune throughout the year and Mars for its part crosses the same sector that goes from Aquarius to Taurus in the first six months of 2024.

8 May 2024
Astral chart with the accumulation of May 2024

All this traffic in just four signs gives rise to rare planetary accumulations which reach their peak in the month of May, as can be seen in the astral chart of May 8, 2024 on the side, where all the planets are seen enclosed over the four signs from Aquarius to Taurus while the other eight signs of the zodiac from Gemini to Capricorn appear desolately empty.

From the end of May onwards the planets will begin to relax, the Sun with its followers Mercury and Venus will be guests of the other signs as every year, Jupiter will leave Taurus for Gemini, joined by Mars which will continue quickly towards Cancer and Leo and therefore in the end, towards autumn 2024 the stars will slowly return to distribute themselves across the entire zodiac circle and the Astrological Sky will find its balance again.

You can easily verify this trend with our exclusive Spin ephemeris, where by holding down the arrow of time you can see live the planets accumulate in a specific sector in the first months of the year and then relax and spread again across the entire zodiac in the second half of 2024.

We therefore find a first stellium in Aquarius on February 17, 2024 with three planets, Pluto, Mars and Venus enclosed in just three degrees of Aquarius and therefore obviously all in conjunction with each other. Not even two weeks later, on the very extra day of the leap year, February 29, 2024, we have another even narrower stellium, with the practically exact alignment of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in triple conjunction within the span of a single degree in the sign of Pisces.

After another two weeks, on March 10, 2024, we find four planets enclosed in the last ten degrees of Pisces: Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune.

Then we have the Moon, Mars and Saturn always in Pisces on April 6, 2024.

On May 8, the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus gather in Taurus, enclosed within less than eight degrees.

In 2024 we will therefore have five stelliums, albeit with different power:
- February 17: Venus, Mars and Pluto in Aquarius;
- February 29: Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Pisces;
- March 10: Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces;
- April 6: Moon, Mars and Saturn in Pisces;
- May 8: Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus;